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“caw caw” the half-troll muttered in the direction of the disgruntled captain. This, he figured, would be fun, so long as he didn’t send the poor guy into a blind panic, which would be bad… But hilarious.

The male’s eyes widened as he turned to look behind him. Wh.. This wasn’t Earth. He patted his hips frantically. “Hrm.” He didn’t have his phaser on him. He glanced around for the nearest defensive weapon. Ah, the shield should work. He scooped it up and settled it on his arm. “I mean you no harm..”


M!A - Captain America is henceforth known as James T Kirk with all of his quirks and personality (Well, for the duration of the day anyway)

Blue eyes widened as his mind set changed entirely. For the rest of the day the man was ‘anoned’ to believe that he was James T. Kirk. He looked around before furrowing his brow. This wasn’t the U.S.S. Enterprise. Where was his crew? He patted his waist to look for his communicator. He couldn’t find it.

He swallowed thickly. Was this earth? Or some far off planet that took him hostage. Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

"Mister Spock? Are you here?" 

So.. Dancing? [S T O N Y D A T E]




Tony stiffened at the mention of his father. He knew that Steve was acquainted with the man- maybe he even referred to Howard as a friend. Tony was still reconciling his thoughts and emotions towards his father. His years spent resenting the man usually tainted any newfound positive information about him.

“You didn’t know Howard Stark the way I knew him, ” he heard himself say with a large amount of bitterness. 

He forces a smile and hurries forward towards the entrance. He turns and walks backwards, beckoning the other man to follow. “Come and enter Tony’s Place,” he says with a little hint of irony.

Steve sighed as he looked at the other man. He knew that. He just.. It.. He shook his head before looking at the male’s false smile. Glancing away awkwardly before being pulled along, a gasp escaping his mouth mouth when he was hurried along with the male.

Grinning softly at the way the other beckoned him forward, letting his fingers slip from the other’s as he shook his head. “Tony, I live in your place. I’m pretty sure I’ve entered it many a time now.” He said teasingly, reaching to pat the male’s cheeks jokingly. “So. What kind of place is it?”

He dips to reclaim Steve’s hand in his own. He turns and confidently strides into the joint pulling Steve behind him like a bewildered child.

“It’s an old-timey type dance place but,” Tony stopped in the lobby. He heard the familiar beat of modern music echoing from the cellar area. He glances up a grand flight of stairs to hear the mellow melody of music from the 1940s.

“But it looks like we have options. First things first, well party like it’s 1939 and then I’ll take you downstairs to show you how we dance in the 21st century,” he turns and winks at Steve as he says the last part.

“Sound good?”

A smile crossed his lips as the hand that slid into his own, lacing their fingers together warmly before being pulled along. 

"Old-timey, ouch." The male said, putting his free hand over his wounded heart. Chuckling gently as he slid to walk with the Stark’s side. He did enjoy the music rolling through his head. Sighing softly.

"Party like it’s 1939? Really Stark?" The male murmured, brow rose before his cheeks turned crimson at the wink shown in his direction. He didn’t know whether to squeak or just nod along. He did a mix of bothe.

"R-Right. Sounds good."





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See also, “Topherchris started following you.” 


See also, “Topherchris started following you.” 



If the blood of Teen virgins is delicous Steve is a fine wine that would be divine anytime. 

hi babe. -runs and hides-

The male blinked as he chuckled. “Miss Ellie, that’s sweet.”

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